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I love Gendry/Arya, and this is really lovely. I quite enjoyed it. Well done.

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Thank you so much! I cannot wait until we see a reunion between Arya and Sansa. I want them to find each other again so badly!

I really loved reading this. Such perfect characterization, you got Gendry and Arya down perfectly. <3

You write GoT fic!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite lovely, to be honest. I love how you present this relationship, as a friendship that has always bordered on something else. Arya's voice is perfect, and so is her incomprehension of what is going on in the men around her. It's funny how Arya always wants to be able to act as boys do, but she has no real understanding of who boys are.

Also, the quest for identity-Arya trying to become so many different people before coming back to being herself. That last line was my absolute favourite of the whole piece.

You write GoT fic!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a very recent development. The books/series has eaten my brain.

I love Arya and Gendry, and I cannot wait to see them together this season. I think they're adorable, romantic or platonic, and I honestly can't imagine these two not ending up together.

This is really good! I was never a fan of the shipping because I like Eddric Dayne for her but you made me into a believer. I love the story... from how they got close until the end. Its well written and well thought off. Good jon!

i will always be Arya Stark

Wonderful fic! I've become obsessed with the books as well. I'm almost finished reading A Dance with Dragons. I can't believe I have to wait until july for the next book :(
I love Arya and Gendry! I hope GRR Martin doesn't break my heart by killing one of their characters.

what a great story

martin needs to see this and include it in his series because this is exactly what i want to see happen

Absolutely astounding

What a delightful read!

Re: Absolutely astounding

Thank you!

I love your story soo much, mostly the parts where Arya was little, it feels more real and more GRRM, but aniway the whole story is perfect. You should write more about her.

put it on fanfiction.net!!

u should put this on fanfiction.net!! i was looking for arya/gendry fics and there were only like 5....i love them and great story!

Re: put it on fanfiction.net!!

You should check out AO3. There are a ton of Game of Thrones fics, including Arya/Gendry.

Googled my way here after S2E2 gave me all the Arya/Gendry FEELINGS. A simply gorgeous, spot-on characterization of Arya and a refreshingly competent take on the "5 times" narrative device. Thanks for the lovely read!

ok...seriously this is PERFECT!!!
wonderful fic! absolutely love it!
excellent job!
I really hope you plan to write more Arya/Gendry fics!

I read this last night and UUUGGG THE FEELS. This was seriously amazing!

Awe! My first Arya/Gendry fanfic and it really was beautiful! Do you have anymore? I found this link on google. Lol! :-)

Yeah, on AO3. My user name is the same.

Archive of Our Own. www.archiveofourown.org

It has fic for just about every fandom possible.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the link!!!

Okay... I tried to find you on the site but couldn't... :-(

Omg! You are awesome! Thank you!

It's totally my fault. This journal is my fic journal and not the name I usually write under. My bad

i seriously love you

I really adore Gendry and Arya together and it's been super hard for me to find any good fan fiction that has just enough spice to it without going completely overboard. I think you did a fantastic job on this and honestly speaking, it's the best Arya/Gendry fan fiction that i've read thus far! Please keep writing fan fiction, you're awesome at it.

I really can't explain in words just how perfect this was. The characterisation was lovely - it made me laugh and made me cry. It was just wonderful! I can only pray George Martin revisits the whole Arya-Gendy relationship as well as you did.

My mother tongue isn't the english so I'm a little bit confused. This is your invention or a piece of a George RR Martin's book?
If it's yours u have made a fantastic work!

It's a story based off of characters by George RR Martin.

Arya Stark Shared a Bed With Gendry Waters

well done!

L♥̸̨VE it!

Its so beautiful! I L♥̸̨VE it when you describe the bother and sister relationship. I L♥̸̨VE when you describe friendship and lover mixed together. Lovely. Thank you so muchhh. I enjoyed it


Thank you a lot for your story, it's all I ever wanted to read. I fckng love Gendry and I think of myself as Arya, so I've just lost my virginity again reading this. Wonderfuly written. Thank you a lot.

Love this story!!!

Thank you for writing this piece. It was lovely.

Perfection. I love King Jon too! So much love for this! Thanks for sharing!

I love this so much! This is the first Arya/Gendry fic I've read, and it hit all the right places! :D

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