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Ficlet: Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge (Katherine/Klaus)

She had thought that he was in love with her, and, what was worse, is that she had loved him in return.

She was despoiled, disowned, and discarded; there had been little indication of the pretty girl she had been back in Bulgaria, of the charming Katerina Petrova who had given away her heart and her purity without getting a ring in return. But when he had seen her in the market, burdened down by the packages that her employers had sent her to fetch, he had stopped in his tracks, offered to carry all of her items, and wrapped her shivering body up in his cloak.

Klaus had rescued her from the consequences of her actions; she would have done anything for him.

The other maid in the household she had worked had told her that she was insane for going with him, told her horror stories of girls who went with Klaus and never returned. Katerina had spat at her and called her jealous.

Klaus was the one who started calling her Katherine. "This is a new world, a new life, and you should have a new name."

It was easy enough to imitate his accent; it was harder to forget her own.

She had lived in his home for months before he slipped into her bedchamber. New world or not, Katherine knew what he had come for, had known that it would eventually come to this. Her past employer had slipped into her bed more than once. At least, this time, she wanted it.

He kissed her everywhere, nuzzled her breasts, teased her until she was beyond desperation; when he finally entered her, Katherine scoured his back with scratches, desperate to keep him inside of her forever. She had never believed in fate, but she wondered if maybe what had happened in Bulgaria had needed to happen just so she could get to England and to Klaus.

He gave her a necklace, a pretty blue stone in a setting that cost more than her parents had ever had. She never took it off. And while she wanted a ring and to be his wife, she also knew that he spent every night with her, that there was no else that he loved.

Trevor told her the truth while she was picking wildflowers. He showed her the monstrous face hidden behide his bland prettiness and explained that she was the doppelganger, that Klaus was planning to sacrifice her so that they could be free of a curse. She refused to believe it, tossing and turning in her bed as memories of what the other maid had told her before she had left flitted through her brain.

She had asked him directly when he came to her the next night. He had barely crossed the threshold when she blurted out, "Are you a vampire?"

He had told the truth, answered her questions about the curse, and then tried to compel her to forget about the sacrifice.

She had ingested the vervain that Trevor had given her before Klaus had come to her room; she faked the compulsion and tried not to scream the entire time he moved above her.

It was then that she made the decision to turn.

She wanted Klaus to have a walking, talking reminder that she had beaten him, that a human of so little consequence that he had thought could be bought with necklaces and a warm bed had ruined the only chance he had at something he truly wanted.

It would be worth everything that followed, she decided.

He had wanted to show her a new world.

She was going to blow his apart.
Tags: character: katerina petrova, character: klaus, fandom: the vampire diaries, fanfic: ficlet, ficathon: vampire diaries comment, pairing: katherine/klaus, rating: r

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